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    An important part of the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program is the use of a sauna to flush toxins and drug residues from the body. In order to facilitate the release of these poisons from the body, Narconon uses a specialized regimen of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. One of these vitamins is niacin. Using this vitamin is an important part of the program, as we’ll explain here.

    What is Niacin

    According to an article in FitDay.com that goes over the benefits of Niacin, it is a member of the family of B vitamins. These vitamins are found in foods like red meat, liver and fish. It can also be contained in some plants and vegetables such as beans, carrots and leafy greens.

    Niacin is an important part of your diet and has a number of functions in the body. It can help protect you from cardiovascular disease and it also helps your brain function correctly. It also shores up the nervous system and your digestive system. It can even protect your heart by lowering your body’s level of cholesterol and preventing plaque from building up in your blood vessels.

    Doctors can even prescribe niacin to treat coronary heart disease, and it has also been used to help with arthritis, diabetes and acne. It has even found a use treating mental disorders such as dementia, psychosis and schizophrenia.

    This vitamin is water soluble, however, which means it dissolves in liquids. Your body excretes niacin into your urine, so it is important to eat enough of the foods listed above or to take a niacin supplement.

    Assisting the Narconon Sauna Program

    At Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, saunas are used to help addicts flush drug residues and toxins from their bodies. Each day, students eat healthy, nutritious meals in addition to taking their vitamin supplements. One of these supplements is niacin.

    Students then exercise by running on a treadmill for twenty to thirty minutes to get their circulation flowing. This process of increasing the blood flow throughout the body helps to start breaking down drug residues in the body’s fatty tissues and releasing them into the bloodstream. Niacin assists by helping this mobilization process. After the drug residues and toxins have been released into the body’s bloodstream, the student then enters the sauna to begin sweating the drugs and toxins out. The Niacin that is used by Narconon is called ‘fast acting’ or ‘fast release’ Niacin that flushes in and out of the body in a few hours.

    Saunas have been used to help cleanse the body in a similar manner for thousands of years, but the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program standardizes this process into an effective and safe routine. The process can take several weeks to complete in order to ensure that the body has completely released the accumulated drugs, poisons and toxins, but the result of a clean and healthy body is well worth the time spent.

    Results of the Sauna Program

    Narconon’s sauna program is a key part of why addicts have been able to get clean and sober and stay that way for decades, and niacin is a key part of that process. The use of this vitamin is a healthy and effective way to move addicts along in the process of rehabilitating their bodies and their lives. Thousands of recovered addicts from around the world can testify to the efficacy and results that they have personally obtained.

    If you’re interested in getting clean or sober, or if you have a friend or family member that could use help doing so, contact a Narconon rehabilitation center today.

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