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    The Narconon Sauna, also known as the New-Life Detoxification Program, is a proven program developed to assist the body in releasing and flushing-out the accumulated drug and other toxic chemical residues which may be lodged in the body tissues, while at the same time rebuilding the impaired cells and tissues.

    Drugs and Toxins

    When we speak of a toxic substance, we are referring to chemicals or drugs or any substance which is harmful or poisonous to a living organism.  The word, toxic, is derived from the Greek word, toxikon, and in ancient times is meant the poison in which the Greek’s dipped their arrows.

    Chemicals are the substances which are the building blocks of matter—the physical substance  which everything in the world around us is made of.

    Bio means life; of living things.  The word comes from Greek, and it originally meant life, or way of life. 

    Biochemical means the interaction of life forms and chemical substances.

    In today’s world, most people are aware of the increasing level of toxins in our daily lives. Those toxins nclude street drugs, medical and psychiatric drugs, pollutants, industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals and pesticides, food additives and preservatives, perfumes and fragrances commonly derived from coal tar, radiation exposure from too much sun and dental and medical X-rays as well as unshielded computer screens and TV sets, and other life-hostile elements.

    Our societies have become biochemical—the interaction of life forms and chemical substances.

    A Physician’s Professional Opinion

    According to Dr. David Root, M.D., M.P.H. (Master of Public Health) and Occupational Medicine Specialist, the Narconon Sauna “is designed to reduce the body burden of drugs in the body”, thereby reducing the tendency for people to go back to using drugs.

    Dr. Root explains that an individual does not feel good when these drugs are released from the body tissues where they are stored.  He notes that every time a person who has used drugs either fasts, or exercises, or gets stressed–such as stress in a sauna or emotional stress–it tends to mobilize these stored chemical residues out of the fatty tissues, releasing them into the bloodstream where they circulate through the body.

    The result is that a person feels bad.  And when the person feesl bad, they figure the way to get over that feeling is “to take more drugs.”  It is this vicious cycle that drives a person back to using.

    As a physician who has been using this sauna detoxification method developed by L. Ron Hubbard in his office for more than 19 years, Dr. Root expressed his professional opinion that

    it is by far the best program available anywhere for helping addicted individuals come off and stay off their drugs.

    This same detoxification program researched and developed by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, the Narconon Sauna, is an integral part of the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program.

    Who is a Candidate for Narconon Sauna

    Any individual who has used, abused or become addicted to street drugs, medical or pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, or is experiencing drug cravings and the inability to remain sober after attempting to stop using, is a candidate for the Narconon Sauna.

    Any individual who, as a result of substance abuse, continues to experience the adverse physical and mental effects of using drugs, or having used drugs in the past, is a candidate for Narconon Sauna.

    Any individual experiencing less-than-optimum conditions as a consequence of abusing drugs or alcohol, and who would like to experience a resurgence of physical and mental well-being is a candidate for the Narconon Sauna.

    In short, any person who would like to experience life again without the burden of drug residuals and toxins adversely affecting their health and wellbeing is a candidate for the Narconon Sauna.

    For more on this see our video:



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