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    Narconon is widely recognized as a drug rehab program, one with centers in locations spread throughout the world. It is true that the primary work of any Narconon center is to provide effective drug rehab and addiction treatment solutions to the people who check in for help. The men and women who work at Narconon are fulfilling a mission inasmuch as they have decided to commit themselves to the work of helping others to get clean and sober and salvage their lives after coming to the brink of ruin through the pitfalls of substance abuse and addiction. Drug rehab, however, is not all that the staff of Narconon do. They also frequently perform community outreach activities, including volunteering at public events. Three recent examples of the volunteer work done by Narconon include:

    Pride in McAlester

    On Saturday April the 27th, volunteers from Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma traveled to the nearby city of McAlester to help out in the Pride in McAlester civic pride event. The occasion on the night of the 27th was a street party in downtown McAlester to celebrate a month of clean-up activities in which volunteers from across the community had contributed their efforts to improving the appearance of the city and working to make it a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone. The Narconon Arrowhead volunteers helped to set up the event, including the musical performances, a rock wall for climbing, free food and other family entertainments, and then spent the balance of the evening staffing the bounce houses for children.

    Notte degli Angeli del Volontariato

    On the evenings of the 30th and 31st of August, staff from the Narconon Astore center in Central Italy participated in the Notte degli Angeli del Volontariato, the “Volunteer Night of the Angels,” in the Comune di Fabriano. Fabriano is a mid-sized Italian city with a history dating back to the Middle Ages, and every year they celebrate their strong local traditions of volunteerism with an event at which people and organizations from throughout the area are recognized for their work. The Narconon Astore staff were on hand to take part. Among other things, they got people to sign a drug free pledge which read, “I promise to stay away from drugs and alcohol and to testify to my friends the satisfaction of a sober life and help as best I can those who fall into the trap of addiction.” The mayor of Fabriano was the first of hundreds to sign the pledge. The staff also handed out drug education materials to help people of all ages to avoid getting started on the road to addiction.

    FIM Superbike World Championship

    On the weekend of the 28th and 29th of September, staff from the Narconon Redwood Cliffs center, located between Monterey and Santa Cruz, showed up at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The Laguna Seca raceway can host as many as 72,000 people, and there was a heavy turnout that weekend for the FIM Superbike World Championship. The Redwood Cliffs staff handed out hundreds of copies of the booklet Ten Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs, along with large numbers of gifts such as frisbees, bounce balls, tote bags and pens. They also hosted a booth on site where people could come by to learn about Narconon and their missions of drug use prevention and addiction treatment.

    Narconon: Working to Make the World a Better Place

    In everything they do, whether it is guiding an addict through rehab or taking the time to teach a young person about the dangers of drug use, the people who work at Narconon are striving to improve their communities. They are always on the lookout for ways to help, and the Narconon logo is a regular sight on T-shirts and signs where people from the nearest Narconon center have shown up to lend a hand.






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