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    As a perfect ending to the Narconon Program, Book 8 (The Way to Happiness Course) explores common sense morals and how these apply to the day-to-day lives of all individuals.

    Further, practical exercises encourage course participants to adapt these guidelines to bettering their own lives and helping others.

    What Is Happiness?

    When continuous mistakes, tragedies and ups and downs affect you, it can be hard to remember what happiness is or where it comes from. Book 8 of the Narconon Program seeks to explore this subject, urging students to discover true happiness for themselves.

    The Way to Happiness booklet points out that your own happiness can be negatively affected by the bad actions of others. This is a very relatable concept to many drug addicts and/or alcoholics who had their first introduction to substance abuse from people around them.

    Although there is no “guarantee” for happiness, through living a positive, sober and full life, one can achieve confidence and peace for himself. Happiness is not something that happens to you or is given as a gift, but rather a state of mind that we create for ourselves.

    Despite the destructive action of others, it is possible to rise above it all and be happy. While drugs and alcohol offer short episodes of happiness, it is doing the right thing, taking care of oneself and one’s loved one’s that achieve real and lasting happiness.

    Gaining Happiness Through Helping Others

    One of the greatest sources of happiness that exists is in helping others to better their lives. For this reason, many of the exercises on The Way to Happiness course are centered around the act of urging others to improve their own lives and establishing real ways to do so.

    Further, in recognizing that one can influence others to survive better, personal happiness is increased. It is encouraging to see others inspired by your healthy living. Helping others to achieve happiness and personal betterment is a great way to improve your own quality of life.

    The Final Course On The Narconon Program

    Most substance abusers are very aware that they have made mistakes in their lives. Through the life skills portion of the Narconon Program, students are taken through the subjects of personal values, ethics, integrity, responsibility and control. The Way to Happiness Course is the final portion of the program wherein students explore 21 precepts (chapters with principles or guidelines) for better living.

    Some of the precepts covered on the course include:

    •    Take Care of Yourself
    •    Don’t Be Promiscuous
    •    Love and Help Children
    •    Be Temperate (Do not take harmful drugs or drink alcohol to excess.)
    •    Do Not Murder
    •    Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others
    •    Honor and Help Your Parents
    •    Seek to Live With the Truth
    •    Do Not Steal
    •    Be Worthy of Trust

    Practical course exercises ask course participants how they can apply these principles to their own lives, or how they could help others to live better.

    This common sense guide to better living requires no particular religious denomination or set of beliefs. Rather, anyone can apply these simple yet effective guidelines to achieve a truly wholesome and happy life.

    Much of Book 8 focuses on the importance of helping one’s family, friends and loved one’s to get on a healthy path in life as well. Graduates of this course and the Narconon Program overall return home with the tools, focus and confidence necessary to continue improving their own lives and the lives of those around them.

    For a more in depth look at the Narconon program contact us.

    Source: http://www.narconon-news.org/program/the-way-to-happiness.html

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