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    One’s responsibility, personal ethics and the ability to choose right from wrong can easily be lost in the course of a substance abuse habit. Addiction to drugs and alcohol will push individuals to do things that are both immoral and criminal in order to further their dependency.

    You have likely heard of addicts who steal from their family and desert their friends—this is not uncommon.

    On Book 6 of the Narconon Program, students learn to rediscover their own personal values in life. In addition, the course takes participants back to past transgressions and encourages personal accountability for prior destructive behavior.

    What Are Values?

    Over weeks and months of destructive behavior that endangers oneself, one’s family and friends, severe emotional consequences begin to set in. Addicts are commonly dually diagnosed with mental conditions in addition to their substance abuse habits, and this is largely due to the guilt, regret and pain felt from betraying one’s values.

    In the Narconon Program Book 6, personal values are established as one’s own standards, principles or guidelines of conduct. Further, values are defined as those things which we consider important—our family, physical health, morals, religion and happiness, for example.

    Our program developers have seen time and time again that the unhappiest one can feel is when personal values have been disregarded. Where good and honest value-based conduct has been replaced by negative actions toward self and others, tremendous emotional burdens result.

    The Personal Values and Integrity Course gives participants the opportunity to look back to past destructive actions and take responsibility for these times. Usually, substance abusers carry the heavy burden of transgressions which they feel badly about. Getting these off one’s chest can offer tremendous relief, and opens the door to changing one’s life.

    This Narconon Course Is For Encouraging Responsibility And Accountability

    Once a student has located times where he violated his/her own personal values, these are written down and acknowledged. Further, principles of happy living are explored with particular attention to the importance of exercising personal responsibility in all of one’s actions.

    Responsibility is not expressed as “blame,” but rather the recognition of the effects one may have caused on others. Taking responsibility for one’s actions is the first step towards making amends for wrongdoing.

    A former drug abuser may have any number of transgressions to acknowledge. For example:

    •    Instances of theft
    •    Acts of violence (verbal or physical)
    •    Sudden departures/desertion
    •    Betrayals of trust
    •    Unfaithfulness to one’s spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend

    Once these past actions have been spotted, students can then move forward with steps of recognizing the full impact of their actions. Personal responsibility is cultivated more and more throughout Book 6 and the remainder of the Narconon Program with the other life skills courses as well as amends for repairing the damage done.

    Restoring Personal Integrity

    Personal integrity is considered by many to be a difficult subject to define, for it is a very “personal” subject. Book 6 offers the subject of integrity in simple, clear-cut terms based on the concept of wholeness.

    A person with integrity is seen to be acting based on what he knows to be correct, right and true. Unsupportive people can and commonly do challenge former drug addicts and alcoholics who are trying to better their lives. With the subjects of right and wrong fully intact, these obstacles are met with less difficulty.

    Students are encouraged to develop their own concepts of ethics, responsibility and proper conduct, and to keep these intact within themselves as a practice of integrity. The Narconon Program continues with further courses which reinforce the accomplishments of Book 6.

    For more information on this course or other Narconon courses visit our site at http://www.narcononcenter.com.

    Source: http://www.narconon.org/drug-rehab/personal-integrity.html

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