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    Attending drug and alcohol rehab can be a bit like your first day of school. A new environment, new people and a schedule you aren’t yet certain of. Getting into the routine of daily activities doesn’t usually take very long, although some students adjust more quickly than others. The daily schedule of a Narconon student is designed with treatment program progress in mind. Our program is highly individualized, making it possible for some students to tend to personal or business obligations while others can adopt a full, stacked schedule of program activities.

    A Schedule With Program Progress in Mind Students eat breakfast in the dining room as a group, although Withdrawal students are housed in a more private and quiet part of the facility where they also take meals. Eating a wholesome and filling meal is the best way to kick of a busy day. Classes and activities begin promptly at 9:30am, and counselors take roll to ensure timeliness. Students then begin classes in whatever stage of the program they are on—Sauna Detox, Communication and Perception, Life Skills, etc.

    Withdrawal students do not have a roll call, but can rather have a very irregular schedule depending on physical well being and sleep schedule. Withdrawal symptoms so often throw off a person’s nutritional balance, causing a number of issues which must be dealt with first and foremost. Narconon does enforce a bed check on a nightly basis, to encourage the development of a schedule, regular sleep routines and patterns.

    Establishing a set schedule like this aids in supporting a distraction-free environment for treatment program progress.

    About the Program

    The Narconon Program treats addiction and alcoholism at a variety of different angles. The program itself has multiple different sections, each comprehensive in their own field of address.

    Some examples of these sections are: The Sauna Detox addresses the fundamental and key factor of biophysical addiction—something many rehab centers overlook. By ridding the body of drug and alcohol residuals, a fresh start is possible both mentally and physically. The Life Skills portion of the program comes toward the end of treatment, and gives special address to the communication and functional skills one needs to be able to perform in order to achieve goals and happiness. Some of the topics covered include planning and organizing, personal integrity, how to build a strong support structure and general moral guidelines.

    Each portion of the program is broken down into steps, and at each step a student’s schedule can vary here and there. The beauty of the Narconon student schedule is in its individuality and variance according to the needs of the student.

    Individualized Program Style—Schedules Can Vary

    Because our program offers such an individualized treatment style, the daily schedule of a Narconon student can vary in many different ways. For example, Sauna Detox students can choose from several time shifts of program work. Personal time is also a valuable part of the Narconon Program. Students are given open slots to tend to personal goals, family communication, business matters or socializing.

    This free time is flexible and used at the student’s discretion—a valuable resource for teaching life skills and planning. To understand more thoroughly the lifestyle and activities at Narconon, we encourage families to tour through the facility and observe it first-hand. Our students take pride in their hard work and dedication towards building their new lives.

    Source: http://www.narconon.org/drug-rehab/drug-rehabilitation-program.html

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