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    “An Ethics Officer helps to maintain high ethics of both staff and students of a Narconon rehab center to keep them free of distractions. Keeping their ethics in helps to produce excellent results and a steady flow of students completing the program.” These are the words that Narconon uses to describe the position of Ethics Officer, a member of the staff of a Narconon center whose job it is to assist the staff and students of the center to avoid negative behavior and to keep their actions focused on the valuable and worthwhile goal of rehabilitating addicts and giving them a fresh start in life. In any endeavor, there are always temptations to turn aside from the goal, distractions and potential barriers to success. People succeed or fail in life to the degree that they manage to exercise the functions of an Ethics Officer in their own affairs, whether they maintain their self-discipline and act with integrity or if they do things they later feel ashamed of and which hinder their efforts at success. One of the reasons for the outstanding success of the Narconon program is that it incorporates a technology of ethics which other programs simply do not have. Narconon students and staff are expected to uphold certain standards of behavior, and when they fail to do so there are steps that can be taken to help the person recognize his or her mistakes and to honestly and sincerely get back on the right path.

    About the Ethics Technology Used by Narconon

    Narconon ethics technology is not to be confused with a dogmatic set of morals or a police-style approach to “making people be good.” Instead, it is a body of knowledge that provides a person with a deep understanding of the tools necessary for making good decisions about everyday life, how to choose the right people and how to improve conditions of living. It is something that works with a person who needs help, rather than being imposed on the person or forced down their throat. The nature of Narconon ethics technology can be seen in the words of a person who recently wrote a success story on the subject:

    I am suddenly feeling I am on the other side of the line and I have the awesome authoritative feeling. I am realizing why people behave as they do and how they have to be handled. I am also seeing the relevant actions taken by the staff and how they should be taken.

    The sole purpose of ethics as it is applied in a Narconon center is to remove any roadblocks that would prevent the drug rehabilitation technology — commonly referred to simply as “tech” — from being applied. The author of the success story goes on to say, “For the first time it is becoming clear for me there is a big realization in the three things being the most important: ethics, tech, and admin.” Unless the ethics of the organization are in, the technology of Narconon cannot truly be applied. For example, if students are sneaking drugs into the center, the ethics in that area would be said to be “out,” and it would be impossible to get the results that Narconon can deliver with students continuing to get high when they are supposed to be making progress on their recovery. The ability to correct situations where ethics are out is a major element of the foundation of the success of Narconon. The Ethics Officer at a Narconon center is there to help everyone to make sure that they can get everything they should out of the program. The success story goes on to say, “My concept of Ethics Officer has changed after this course; not a police person as I thought, but an EO [Ethics Officer] is a person helping a student to get the tech in to help in the program, to be a good product [of the program]. That is amazing for me.” The ethics technology of Narconon is, indeed, amazing, as it gives a person a chance to make self-determined changes in his or her own life, to take responsibility and to improve conditions.


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