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    Located near the shores of world-famous Lake Tahoe in Northern California, Narconon Emerald Pines is an ideal location for a drug rehab center. People who come to Emerald Pines for their rehab can enjoy the fact that they will be spending the next few weeks far from the city, close to one of the most beautiful resort destinations in the United States, and well off the beaten path. This can be an enormous relief for anyone who has been living as an addict while trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle of modern life, to suddenly find oneself out in the woods, surrounded by a forest of tall pine trees in the cool mountain air at more than 6,000 feet in elevation. It is truly a unique experience among drug rehabs. People who have attended other rehab programs in the past routinely comment on just how different Emerald Pines is, both in the respect that the Narconon program is different from other approaches to addiction treatment, and also for the gorgeous scenery and the tranquil setting.

    People who come for rehab at Narconon Emerald Pines are welcomed into a warm and inviting atmosphere, with cozy living quarters and inviting social areas. These include a rec room where students can enjoy games such as foosball, read, watch TV or socialize with others. There is also an exercise room with state of the art workout machines and free weights, which students can use as part of the sauna detox portion of the Narconon program as well as for recreation and working out. The center is situated on the border of a state forest, and there is abundant opportunity for sitting or walking outside, taking in the beauty, solitude and peace of the great outdoors. Summers are warm and pleasant, while winter brings the beauty of a blanket of snow on the ground. Mealtimes at Narconon Emerald Pines bring a rich variety of delicious and nutritious dishes, as well as the companionship of their fellow students and the staff of the center. It is not a resort atmosphere as is the case with many drug rehab centers — the focus is fully on getting through the program to the goal of stable and lasting sobriety — but all the same going to the Emerald Pines center is like a vacation, getting to spend time in nature and working on growing and improving as an individual.

    The Rehab Program at Narconon Emerald Pines

    Narconon Emerald Pines stands out for the fact that it is situated in a gorgeous setting, but that is not all. There is also the fact that it is, of course, a Narconon drug rehab center, and Narconon is different from other programs. Narconon takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment, addressing the problem of addiction from every angle. Treatment at Narconon Emerald Pines is not just a matter of group counseling and meetings, or drug-replacement therapy, as is the case with so many other drug rehab centers. Students spend time sweating in the spacious sauna while they progress through the initial detox phase of the program. They work on life skills courses in the supervised course rooms.

    They engage in one-on-one counseling exercises that help them to get more into present time and put the past behind them. At the end of the program, students regularly report feeling better than they ever have in their lives. Narconon isn’t about merely getting a person sober, but helping him or her to rebuild every aspect of life to achieve a newfound level of stability, confidence and happiness in life so that he or she will be unlikely to ever feel the need to drink or use drugs again. Doing all of this in the gorgeous setting of the Sierra Nevada Mountains makes for a memorable experience, to say the least.

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