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    The Narconon Program is a world-renowned drug prevention and rehabilitation program with over 150 centers across 50 countries.  Narconon means “drug-free” and it has been helping addicts live clean lives for decades.  In fact, seven out of ten Narconon graduates have been proven fully drug-free one to two years after completing the program.

    In order to understand the Narconon program, you need to know its various parts, as it entails much more than just detox.

    The Concept Of Narconon Treatment

    Treatment from Narconon starts with the fact that addiction is not a disease.

    You may have heard from other addiction centers that labeling addiction as a disease is very unworkable, as it encourages replacement medication and allows the addict to hide behind the guise of illness, not actually confront his condition.  This idea originated with Narconon.

    Addiction stems from the idea that one may resort to drugs to “help” with life problems–although they don’t really help, they temporarily numb the user and when he returns to “real life”, he finds the problem usually exacerbated by his addiction.  Treating addicts with alternative drugs simply promotes the same idea, that they can “treat” themselves or “manage” their addiction.  Narconon gives them the strength to confront it head-on and allows them to take responsibility for their own lives and situations.

    It is, in fact, this premise that is at the core of the Narconon program.  By giving the person back responsibility for himself and his life, whether good or bad, he can walk the road back to recovery.  This is what has been salvaging drug addicts for decades.

    The Narconon Program Starts With Detox

    The detoxification portion of the program uses nutrition and other tools to assist in a rapid physical recovery called The New Life Detoxification Program.

    All participants must be seen by a physician before starting the program.    Those who are in need of a medically supervised withdrawal are referred to a physician who manages a short-term medical detox.  Once a drug-free approach can be used, the addict returns to Narconon with approval from his doctor.

    Trained and experienced staff, including a team of nurses, are on site to help with drug-free detox.  This is where all drug or alcohol use is ceased and the user goes through withdrawal.  Narconon uses a precise regimen of vitamins and other nutritional supplements to assist with withdrawal, as many of such symptoms are due to vitamin deficiencies caused by the drugs.  The program continues to remove all traces of drugs from the body using exact vitamins, minerals and oils, until the body is drug-free.

    The components of this program include:

    •    Sweating for intermitted periods in a dry heat sauna.
    •    The use of cold pressed oils.
    •    A very specific vitamin regimen.
    •    At least 30 minutes of exercise – running on a treadmill is preferred.
    •    Plenty of sleep.
    •    A nutritious diet with fruits and not-overcooked vegetables.

    Those completing this program report feeling clearer, and no longer physically craving drugs.

    Life Skills Is Next Focus Of Treatment

    The average length of the program is three to six months.  Program participants are called “students”, not “clients” or “patients”.  They go through the program in a social setting, and they are at all times aware of what is going on with their bodies and minds.  The initial withdrawal step, including coming off of heroin, can occur within a week or two after the program begins.  Most heroin addicts can hardly believe that they are able to relax and sleep mere days after beginning.

    Once withdrawal is complete clients undergo a course called Therapeutic Training Routines course which increases one’s ability to confront, increase communication and better control.

    Following physical remedies from The New Life Detoxification Program comes a series of courses to assist the recovering addict with life skills that might have led to his addiction.  This includes a course on communication skills, a course about ethics and morals, several courses on how to learn and study, one on integrity, and one that helps the student recognize people in his life who might have contributed to his addiction and even the troubles leading up to his addiction.

    These courses are as follows:

    Learning How to Learn – Teaches one the barriers of learning and study and how to remedy these so that they can retain and apply information that they have learned.

    The Communication & Perception Course – Increases one’s ability to perceive things around him; unsticking his attention from the past. Raises confront, control and communication in a positive way.

    The Ups & Downs In Life Course – Gives valuable information about different types of people, the cause of illnesses and how to safeguard and protect yourself from negative influences.

    The Personal Values & Integrity Course – Raises person integrity values by teaching one about the different areas of life and touching on past transgressions so that a person can face these actions and take responsibility for them.

    The Changing Conditions In Life Course – Gives an individual the ability to improve his person condition in all areas of life. Provides valuable information about the concept of exchange.

    The Way To Happiness Course – Provides an easy and basic guide to living that has basic moral values that can be applied to anyone’s life.

    The parts of the Narconon program, when completed in full help seven out of ten people to permanently recover from drug addiction.

    Source: http://www.treatment-centers.net/narconon.html

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