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    The road to recovery after drug addiction does not end after detoxification.  Though the body may be clean, years of drug abuse often take their toll on the addict’s life, leaving him with an inability to communicate with his environment and others.  Previously, he would have relied on drugs to drown out life’s difficulties.  It is vital that a recovering addict gain the ability to confront and handle his life or he may again turn to drug abuse.

    A key part of the Narconon program is a series of exercises designed to raise a person’s ability to comfortably confront and handle the world around him, including people.  These drills are called Training Routines, or TR’s.

    Because of the non-medicinal nature of the Narconon program, enrollees are not called “patients”–this implies that they are suffering from a malady and might require replacement drugs.  Narconon is a 100% drug-free program, and since much of the program is done in a classroom setting, their enrollees are called “students”.

    Training Routines – What Are They?

    Following a thorough detoxification program, students are paired up under the care of a supervisor–a trained professional whose job it is to get students through their Training Routines.  A guiding principle of a supervisor is that his job is not to evaluate for students, but to allow them to come to their own conclusions about what they are studying and doing.  In this manner, students learn the purpose and procedure for Training Routines.

    Students then work with their partners on a series of exercises that increase their abilities to confront people and the environment around them, improve their communication skills, and hold up under pressure.  They gain the ability to comfortably face all manner of hostility, taunting, and other situations that might have previously been difficult.

    Drugs can cause a person to become introverted and introspective.  When one is experiencing the pain and discomfort of withdrawal, one’s thoughts can also turn inward.  Training Routines help a person turn his attention to his environment, thereby assisting him in recovery.

    History Of Narconon Training Routines

    The Narconon program was founded in 1966 by Arizona State Prison inmate William Benitez, who discovered the writings of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.  Benitez was particularly impressed by Hubbard’s focus on constructive survival, as opposed to the popular idea that addicts were victims of disease.  He believed that addicts could apply the practical exercises offered by Mr. Hubbard to confront their problems and deal with them.

    In addition to a complete detoxification program and Training Routines, Narconon also offers courses in literacy, ethics, integrity and morals as part of their recovery program.  There is also a course that examines the ups and downs of life and the kinds of people who cause them.  These courses are not just theories or philosophies–they contain real-life applications so that an addict can actually change conditions and go on to lead a happy, healthy, drug-free life.

    The Training Routines are one of the primary components to the Narconon treatment and often these alone can produce great results for stopping drug use. They are the stability on which one can learn the rest of the technology and improve communication skills, confront of oneself and others and control.

    Source: http://www.narconon.org/drug-treatment/narconon-program-overview-dr-paredes.pdf

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