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    Narconon is among the oldest and most well established drug rehab programs in the world. For more than 40 years, Narconon has been helping people recover from addiction to street drugs, alcohol and prescription medication. Over this time, the program has achieved incredible expansion, to the point where it is now possible for a large percentage of the world’s population to avail themselves of Narconon. There are Narconon centers in locations spread from the flagship Narconon Arrowhead center in Canadian, Oklahoma, to several in California, on the Gulf Coast of Florida and overseas in places as diverse as Italy, Sweden, Hungary and Russia. One of the keys to the success of Narconon is the fact that all of these centers use the same program. With some minor variations based on the facility, the local climate and culture, one can expect to receive essentially the same experience whether he or she sets foot at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, at the Narconon Redwood Cliffs center on the coast of Northern California, or at the Narconon Magyarország Alapítvány in Hungary.

    What is the Narconon program like?

    The Narconon program was originally developed in the late 1960s in a prison in Arizona, where a convicted felon was looking for answers to his problems with addiction and found them in the books of American philosopher L. Ron Hubbard. The program has evolved some since then, but it has retained its fundamentals and still operates from the same basics. What is the Narconon curriculum that can be found at any Narconon center in the world? It consists of several major steps:

    Sauna Detoxification from Narconon

    The sauna detox was incorporated into the Narconon program following Mr. Hubbard’s discovery that residues of the drugs a person has used in the past will tend to accumulate in the fatty tissues of the body, and that these need to be flushed out to achieve a stable and lasting recovery. It is the release of these residues during times of physical or mental stress that are largely to blame for cravings following rehab. The sauna detox is a program in which Narconon students take certain nutritional supplements, engage in moderate exercise and spend time sweating in a dry heat sauna, a combination of actions which have the effect of releasing the toxic residues so that they can be sweat out through the pores. Once it is done, the person usually feels brighter and more alert, has more energy, sleeps better and is free from drug cravings.


    Another aspect of the Narconon program consists of personal counseling. The counseling that one receives at Narconon is not, however, what one normally imagines when the word “counseling” comes up. Instead of sitting with another person while being probed with questions or having to expose one’s embarrassing secrets during group counseling, the counseling consists of partnering up with another student to perform a series of exercises designed to increase perception, to improve the ability to communicate and control situations, and the degree to which one’s attention is in present time, where it should be, rather than being stuck in the past.

    Life Skills Courses

    One of the most important steps of the Narconon program is the series of life skills courses. These courses supply the person with the information and skills needed to live a stable and successful life and to avoid the same pitfalls that led him or her into using drugs or alcohol in the first place. They cover topics ranging from communication skills to personal integrity, choosing the right people and knowing what steps to take to improve any situation in life.

    Where is the nearest Narconon location?

    Whether you are looking at entering the Narconon program at a center in the United States, in Europe or Latin America, you can expect to experience essentially the same steps and receive the same treatment that you would at any other Narconon center. To learn more about the program and find a location near you visit

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