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    The Narconon Sauna program was developed to assist in releasing and flushing accumulated toxic residues from the body which have become lodged in the tissues.  It, at the same time, assists in the rebuilding of the impaired tissues and cells.  It is a remarkable program researched and developed by humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard, and its use in the rehabilitation of the drug addict has a fascinating history.

    Sauna Detox – A Pioneering Innovation

    The use of the Narconon Sauna, also known as the Narconon New-Life Detoxification Program, was implemented in 1978.  In his research, Mr. Hubbard had noted the scientific evidence demonstrating the accumulation of drug residuals in the human body.  Based on the influence that these psychoactive (affecting the mind or mental processes) toxins could have on the person’s mind and on the person himself, Mr. Hubbard developed this safe, thorough and healthy method of cleansing a person’s body of drug residuals.

    Because of its purpose and its results, the Narconon Sauna is considered to be one of the key reasons for the stable and long-term success of those who complete the Narconon drug rehabilitation treatment program.

    The elimination of the residual drugs and other toxins from the body through the Narconon Sauna detoxification program has been shown by various studies in the United States and Europe to provide the benefits of improved mental acuteness and improvement in health.

    Its benefit of the long-term reduction of drug cravings is a factor which those who have completed the Narconon program report as a most significant factor in helping them to live stable and drug-free lives.

    Development of the Narconon Sauna Program

    In the 1970’s when L. Ron Hubbard was working to help individuals who had been drug users, and in studying both their physical symptoms as well as their behavioral patterns, he made a brilliant discovery.

    Mr. Hubbard found that those individuals who had used LSD earlier in time occasionally had reactions in the present, appearing to act as if they had just taken LSD.

    Mr. Hubbard noted that it took only one millionth of one ounce of LSD to produce a drugged condition.  He further noted that because LSD is basically wheat rust (a fungus which attacks wheat), and he pursued his line of thinking that LSD must remain in the body.

    In his research, he found that LSD apparently stays in the system, and that it lodges in the tissues of the body, primarily the fatty tissues.  He found that it is liable to activate again, thus giving the individual “unpredictable trips”, even years after the person quit taking the drug, LSD.

    With that discovery, Mr. Hubbard pursued the probability that the residues of other drugs could remain in the body tissues and reactivate at some point in time with similar effect. 

    With the knowledge that drugs burn-up vitamin reserves, he continued to look further into the other consequences that could result from such hidden presence of drug deposits in the body, including the potential mental and spiritual effects upon the person.

    The Solution Through Sauna Detox

    Mr. Hubbard’s line of research was directed towards finding a solution to fully free a person from these effects of drugs, without which a person would be doomed to ever-after experience the adverse effects despite having ceased to take drugs.

    It was this line of research which ultimately led to the development of the Narconon Sauna Program, the solution to freeing the person from the long-term effects of drugs without the introduction of more drugs or biochemicals (chemical substances which interact with life forms).

    As a testament to the validity of the research and its result, people doing the Narconon Sauna Program report re-experiencing the various effects of past drugs, alcohol or other sedatives or stimulants and medicines.  Some report experiencing full-blown “drug trips” again while doing the program, just as Mr. Hubbard identified very early-on in his research into drugs and their effects upon a person and their well-being.

    The development and use of the Narconon Sauna Program as a key component of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program is the solution to enabling a person to experience life again without the adverse effects of stored drugs and drug residuals in the body.


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