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    Drug addiction has become a common problem affecting the American population as well as those of virtually every country. Whether someone is directly affected by the issue (one of 23.5 million reported addicted in the U.S.) or indirectly (being related to addicted or having to pay for the consequences of the problem), this social disturbance has gone on throughout the ages. It has seemed to some to be a problem too complicated for solution.

    Centuries ago all types of drugs were used medicinally. Many of these are the same drugs today, although now illegal and often abused. There are also “new age” drugs, a laundry list of prescriptions that seem to be never ending.

    For ages many private and public organizations have looking at the history of addiction and how the problem can be solved. Though it is fundamentally a simple issue, it was made complex.

    Fortunately, through research done by its founder and through decades of practical experience actually handling those with drug and alcohol abuse problems, Narconon has exposed the simple core of how addiction develops, as well as how someone can achieve lifelong recovery.

    Exposing The Truth About Addiction

    Schools of thought from across the world have sought to define and handle substance abuse and addiction for ages. Several different theories have existed about how someone gets addicted to drugs in the first place.

    Some of the most common of these include:

    •    The “Disease Theory” of addiction stating that addiction is a life-long disease, sometimes passed along genetically from parent to child.

    •    The “Psychiatric Model” of addiction that states that one has an underlying psychiatric issue for which they use drugs to self-medicate.

    •    The “Social Model” of addiction stating that addiction is something that is brought on by the environment and environmental influences.

    •    The “Bio-Physical Model” of addiction stating that some of the above models are true, but to handle addiction the physical, mental and emotional components all have to be addressed.

    There is also the “Narconon Model” of treatment and recovery that started with years of research by the founder of the methodology used in our program, L. Ron Hubbard. Having personally observed the devastation drugs brought to mankind, Hubbard did years of research on the subject.

    In a quote he said:
    “You may have noticed that society is rapidly going downhill… And the most     serious part of this is that drugs, both medical and street drugs, have disabled a     majority of those who could have handled it, including the political leaders, and     have even paralyzed the coming generations.”
    Hubbard put together simple solutions to handle drug and alcohol abuse problems; although what Hubbard found was not fully put to use until William Benitez contacted Hubbard about implementing his research and technology in a program Benitez wished to try to use to help addicts like himself who were incarcerated.

    Benitez found out about the teachings of Hubbard through a book called Fundamentals of Thought that he found in the prison library at Arizona State Penitentiary where he began the first Narconon program.

    The basic Narconon theory of addiction is that:

    1.    Substance abuse starts out with a problem or issue for which one does not have a solution.
    2.    Drugs and alcohol seem like the solution for the individual to handle his or her problem.
    3.     The person uses drugs or alcohol a few times getting “temporary relief” for the situation and assigns value to the drugs.
    4.    The environment, media promotion, and other things that can influence the person further support his or her drug use.
    5.    Drugs and/or alcohol are continually used by the individual, and the addiction progresses and worsens.
    6.    He or she is unable to stop using the substances because of the unwanted symptoms associated with stopping the use of them which are both physical and mental in nature.

    The Solution Narconon Exposed Through Recovery

    With the above put into practice, Narconon revealed a real solution for recovery from the “downward spiral” of substance abuse. This method addresses all of the physical and mental issues connected with addiction. Narconon staff found that the use of substitute drugs is not necessary and instead of telling addicts that they were “permanently diseased,” staff helped them to overcome their addiction life problems with a standard life skills model with 7 out 10 graduates of Narconon demonstrating they can reach permanent and lasting sobriety from drugs and alcohol.

    The Narconon program handles addiction in the following ways:

    •    A drug-Free withdrawal procedure to assist the user to come down off recent drug use with 24-hour care, vitamins and minerals, and the implementation of good nutrition.
    •    Communication skills through a course called Therapeutic Training Routines that helps to get an individual into much better communication with those around him with eight different exercises.
    •    The New Life Detoxification Program which removes drug residues from the body and can drastically reduce physical drug cravings.
    •    The Learning Improvement Course designed to help a person learn how to study and to retain information learned so that he can apply the data practically in life to overcome problems or barriers.
    •    The Communication & Perception Course that also improves communication skills through Training Routines and orientation exercises that get the person’s attention off himself and his past and into the present time environment.
    •    The Ups and Downs in Life Course that will give one the tools to recognize and handle others in his environment with anti-social tendencies, who may hurt his progress or gains.
    •    The Personal Values & Integrity Course that will teach a person to confront and take responsibility for all the different areas of his life, expanding out from himself, through his family, to work and friends, and even all of humanity and his physical environment. Through confronting the harm he has done to himself and all these parts of life, the student raises his personal integrity, honesty and ethics in his daily life.
    •    The Changing Conditions in Life Course that gives one very practical and do-able steps which, when actually used, will improve his life.
    •    The Way to Happiness Course that discusses a non-religious moral code of common sense good choices, a “guide to healthy living.”

    The Narconon process is simple and gets results. It does not require medication and the treatment can be done on an average of three months or more depending on the individual needs or skills of the alcoholic or addict. As stated above, 7 out of 10 Narconon graduates have demonstrated over a period of decades that they can stay off drugs permanently.

    For more on the source of addiction that Narconon exposed and how someone can get lasting recovery contact us at 800-775-8750.


    Grateful acknowledgement is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce selections from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard.

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