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    “Rehabilitation” has become a bad word in today’s society, but why?  Perhaps it is because many individuals have participated in rehabilitation programs only to return to drug use shortly thereafter.  Since drug use can often come with feelings of shame and guilt, the need for rehabilitation can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for many individuals.  Rehabilitation can also be costly, and if it is not guaranteed to result in sobriety for the individual, it can seem pointless.  But what if there was a rehabilitation facility that truly rehabilitated the individual for a healthy, productive life, and resolved those feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment?

    How Narconon is Different

    According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, “Traditional treatment methods for drug addiction and alcoholism have been characteristically intense and confrontational.  They are designed to break down a client’s denial, defenses, and/or resistance to his or her addictive disorders, as they are perceived by the provider.”  This can explain why many people feel that “rehabilitation” is a bad word, it is a deliberate process designed to break down the individual’s destructive patterns of behavior and thinking.  However, individuals who are addressed in a forceful manner are not really choosing to do something for their own benefit, and a task undertaken for someone else’s good is not likely to be as successful in achieving the desired results.

    The Narconon drug rehabilitation program is a holistic, residential rehabilitation program that is unique from other facilities in five key ways:

    1. Believing that people can recover from addiction

    Narconon does not believe that addiction is a disease that an individual cannot recover from, and can only learn to live with.  Narconon believes that with the right program, individuals can recover from addiction and go on to live a drug-free life.

    2. Addressing the root causes of substance abuse

    Many individuals begin their drug use because of a problem in their life that they felt they couldn’t confront and resolve.  No one can tell them what this problem is, they must be guided to spot the problem on their own, and figure out how they can resolve it.

    3. Reducing or eliminating cravings with a detoxification program

    Even individuals who have stopped using drugs can experience cravings years later.  This is because residual drug toxins remain in their body cells for years after drug use, and can be released into the bloodstream during moments of stress or even exercise.  Detoxifying the individual’s body helps to reduce or eliminate drug cravings so they are less likely to relapse into drug use.

    4. Relieving guilt and depression associated with drug use

    The individual who feels guilty or depressed about their drug use has often not taken responsibility for the damages their drug use has caused for himself and others.  By learning how to take responsibility for their drug use and the effects it created, the individual can finally relieve their guilt and depression and move forward in life.

    5. Learning valuable life skills for a drug-free life

    If an individual who was using drugs returns to life environments and patterns that caused them to turn to drug use in the first place, it can be difficult for them to remain sober unless they are armed with tools that allow them to resolve undesirable conditions in life without drugs.  These skills can enable the individual to feel that they make life, instead of being controlled by the various conditions in life.

    Narconon’s Follow-up Care Procedure

    Any service can be advertised as creating the desired result, but the real question is whether it can be proven to do so, time and again.  Narconon’s interest in their clients and the effectiveness of their drug rehabilitation program extends beyond the time that each client is enrolled in the program.  In order to ensure that their clients are doing well and that their program is achieving the desired results consistently, Narconon participates in routine outcome monitoring.  This outcome monitoring allows Narconon to reach out to and help any graduates who may be encountering difficulties in life and need assistance to remain on-track.  It also allows Narconon to adjust any program or delivery points internally as needed to maximize results in clients.

    In a world of rehabilitation treatment centers, not all programs are created equal.  With independent research reporting a 70% success rate of Narconon graduates maintaining sobriety, it’s clear that being different is a good thing.


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