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    Narconon is a network of in-patient drug rehab centers in locations spread throughout the United States and across the world. Throughout the year, they offer effective solutions for addiction treatment and help to those whose lives have been ruined by drugs or alcohol and who want to find a way out of the troubles they are living with. The men and women who work at Narconon offer hope and a second chance in life to people who have hit rock bottom and have decided that it is time for a change. This is not, however, all that they do. They also routinely engage in community outreach activities ranging from providing drug education lectures at high schools throughout the regions where they are situated, to stepping in to volunteer at festivals and lending a hand at disaster zones. All that they do can be summed up under the heading of Help, because they are deeply motivated to render aid and to pull their fellow human beings up to a better and happier level in life. During the holiday season, many Narconon centers go the extra mile to offer even more help in an effort to ensure that more people in the community can enjoy a happy Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Families Reunite at the Narconon Freedom Center

    One example of how Narconon facilities take part in the spirit of the holidays can be found at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner at the Narconon Freedom Center located in the small southern Michigan town of Albion. Celebrating holiday feasts is a common occurrence at Narconon centers, but this year was different. The family of students currently in rehab at the Freedom Center were invited in to share in the celebrations. The visits were warmly welcomed by the students, since the Narconon program usually requires somewhere between three and five months to complete, meaning that students can usually expect to be away from their loved ones for an extended period. The occasion was made even more memorable for many for another reason, namely that some of the students had not spent Thanksgiving with their families for many years, but instead were off living their lives according to the dictates and demands of their addiction. Getting to see their loved one making progress on the road to recovery was for all of the families something that they could truly be thankful for.

    Narconon Arrowhead Food Pantry

    Another example of how Narconon centers can often be found giving back during the holidays is to be seen at the Narconon Arrowhead center in Oklahoma. This year marks the seventh in a row that Narconon Arrowhead is running a holiday food pantry to help out the less fortunate during the Christmas season. They have been collecting donations of food and other supplies ranging from clothing to diapers, all in an effort to provide families in the surrounding area of Oklahoma with an extra boost to help them make it through the season and take some of the pressure off financially in order to give their children a merry Christmas. They have additionally been holding bake sales to raise funds, as well as soliciting financial donations from generous individuals and organizations, using this money to purchase food and supplies for the recipients of the food pantry. In the past, Narconon Arrowhead has partnered up with a long list of different community organizations to run the food pantry and ensure that the food and supplies made it into the hands of those who needed them. As is often the case with Narconon community outreach activities, the food pantry is not directly related to addressing the problems of substance abuse and addiction, but is rather a simple and sincere effort to help out those who are less fortunate. The staffs of the various Narconon centers throughout the world want to help, and they do so during the holidays and year round.

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