Is Narconon Sauna Treatment Done in Groups

The Narconon Sauna, or New-Life Detoxification Program, is unique to the Narconon drug rehabilitation program.  This drug-free method of detoxification is done in order to flush drugs and other toxins out of the body. The combination of exercise, nutrition and time spent in a moderate dry-heat sauna has proven to be effective in an overall resurgence in physical and mental well-being.

Sauna Treatment

Common sense would dictate that drugs and other man-made chemicals don’t belong in the human body, and could easily be identified as contributing to a dulling of the senses and a contributing factor in a wide range of illnesses.

In addition to the harmful effects of substance abuse, we live in a time when we are exposed to a barrage of man-made chemicals which pollute our air and water and adversely affect the quality of our food; not to mention the threat of radiation exposure from the use of nuclear power without adequate safeguards in place.

Through decades of successful use in the treatment of drug addicts as an integral part of achieving and maintaining sobriety, the Narconon Sauna program has demonstrated its efficacy in helping both short and long-term heavy drug users rid their bodies of stored drug residuals and other chemical toxins; alleviating the adverse effects, both physical and mental.

Sauna Treatment Procedure

The Narconon Sauna is done to flush drugs and other toxins out of the body.  It is a precise regimen, tightly supervised and administered.  The basic procedure for an individual is as follows:

  • He or she is required to have medical approval to participate in the Narconon Sauna, and receives it following a medical exam by an informed and licensed medical doctor.
  • He or she is briefed on the basic theory and the key elements of the sauna program.
  • He or she briefed on the importance of keeping a schedule, getting adequate sleep, and following their personal vitamin regimen.
  • He or she understands that the sauna program does not include drugs or medication of any kind.  The vitamins, minerals and oils taken while on the program are nutrition; food, not drugs or medicine.

Once the person is oriented to the sauna program, and understands its basics, they will be doing the following actions:

  • Adhering to a 5 hour per day schedule, which includes 20-30 minutes of exercise to get the circulation up before going into the sauna. Running is the preferred method of exercise.  And four to four and one-half hours sauna time, with intermittent breaks, as needed.
  • The person will be eating the foods he or she normally does, supplemented with plenty of fresh, lightly cooked vegetables.
  • He or she will be taking the recommended individualized dosages of vitamins and minerals.
  • He or she will be keeping a properly ordered personal schedule which includes adequate sleep, and a correct ratio of running to sauna time.

A person’s age, their physical condition and their stamina are all important factors which are taken into account for each individual doing the Narconon Sauna.  Many individuals require some days to work-up to the five-hour per day schedule.  Some individuals need to choose an alternate form of exercise if unable to run.  The purpose of the individualized supervision is to ensure each person doing the Narconon Sauna receives its results and benefits.

Groups in Sauna

When an person is on the Narconon Sauna program, he or she always exercises and does sauna sweat-out with a partner, or even a third person.  It is a safety factor in case a person experiences the reactivation of past drugs, alcohol, medicines or anesthetics.

There will be others on the Narconon Sauna program at the same time, also with a partner or as a trio, so there is always a group of at least two people in the sauna, and sometimes several groups of two or three.

The saunas used in the New-Life Detoxification Program are designed and built to comfortably accommodate a number of people who are doing the sauna program at the same time.

Participants on the Narconon Sauna program will likely find that in addition to the safety factor of having a sauna partner or two, they will enjoy the camaraderie they share with others doing the program at the same time.

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